Cookie Time

Photo by Nomadic LassIt’s that time of year again.

Girl Scout cookie time.

Girl Scout cookies are big business. As the number one fundraiser for troop activities, it is also the largest girl-run business in the US.

Depending on where you live, cookie sales happen at different times. Ours starts in mid-January, with delivery in mid-February.

Most people love Girl Scout cookies and eagerly await the sale time. And while it is a good experience for the girls, it also takes a lot of adult help to get it done.

What is involved? Getting the permission slips. Placing the initial orders, while guessing at how much extra stock we will need for cookie booths. Picking up the pallets of cookies from the drop site. Splitting up the cookies into the individual girl orders. Taking the money from the girls and parents. Counting that money (and yes, some people do pay for cookies with pennies). Depositing the checks to the council, and the cash to the troop (two different banks). Organizing and supervising cookie booths. Running to get more cookies when the girls sell more after initial delivery. Reconciling all the cookie money. Chasing after parents who are not turning in money. Ordering and handing out prizes.

I have a small troop – 4 active girls. I have a dedicated cookie mom, who will deal with all the details. And if it were not for that wonderful volunteer, I would have to put troop activities on hold while I dealt with all those issues.

In the end, the girls will earn enough money to start next year’s activities; to do a philanthropic project; and to have a fun time doing something as a troop (last year we did a trip to DC).

Support your local Girl Scouts. Buy cookies.

Photo by Nomadic Lass


One thought on “Cookie Time

  1. How are your girls doing? Barb is a co-cookie mom for Alli’s troop this year. It’s a lot different now that she is in a bigger troop, than she was in until last year… The last couple years before her old troop dissolved, she was the only one really selling, and she was pretty much funding most of the troop’s activities (the few they had). She’s actually on track to meet her goal this year of 210 boxes… Hope your troop does well and exceeds it’s sales goal, even if it does mean more work for you.

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