Skiing Indoors

Photo by epredatorOne of the things that I miss about living on the frozen tundra is the skiing. I used to cross-country ski, and nothing was more relaxing than swooshing through the silent woods, the only sound the sound of my own breathing.

Cross-country skiing isn’t an option where I live because it is too warm. The nearest snowy places involved mountains, and downhill skiing.

I have enjoyed downhill skiing the few times I have done it. Excep the time I wiped out the kiddy ski school because I couldn’t stop. Unfortunately, my knees do not enjoy downhill skiing.

So we ski indoors.

Every winter we haul out the Wii Ski and spend time swooshing down the hills, doing tricks and seeing wildlife. It’s a lot of fun without the wet, cold and pain.

The Wii Ski came out last weekend. I imagine we’ll be doing a lot of skiing indoors in the near future.

Photo by epredator


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