The Cinnamon Bear

Photo by Tambako the JaguarOne of the holiday traditions my daughter and I have been doing since she was quite small is to listen to the Cinnamon Bear.

The Cinnamon Bear is a radio show from the 30s (?) that is available in MP3 on the web. (Get it here)

It’s not something I did in my family, growing up, and it’s not a tradition from my husband’s family.

Yet the Cinnamon Bear has become a treasured part of our holiday traditions.

Every night we sit down before bed and listen to the latest installment of Jimmy and Judy and the Cinnamon Bear as they try to recover the silver star for the top of their Christmas tree. It takes them through many dangers, and they meet many wonderful characters, including Jack Frost and Santa Claus.

It is a look back at a more innocent time, when the imagination roamed free. My daughter enjoys it just as much as I.

Photo by Tambako the Jaguar


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