Are They Serving Me?

Photo by Phil RoederI write these articles a few weeks ahead of time, and right now we are looking at the impending government shutdown. I don’t know how the situation will be by the time this publishes.

I wonder when shutting down parts of the government became my best interest.

I wonder when not having affordable health care became my best interest (and I do not have health care through my employer. I pay through the nose)

I wonder when protest became the basis for making decisions in Washington. The healthcare law is law, and has already passed the Supreme Court.

I wonder when the norm became partisanship rather than cooperation, and I wonder how that is in my best interests.

Luckily I am not directly impacted by a halted paycheck…yet. The story could be different by the time you read this. But plenty of my friends and neighbors are.

And I wonder when taking away paychecks became our best interests.

Photo by Phil Roeder


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