Photo by redeye^We have just passed the autumnal equinox, the time of balance between light and dark. It is said that at the moment of equinox, you can balance an egg on its end. (I don’t know if this is a myth or not; I just know I have heard it from many sources many times).

This autumn I am considering the balance in my life. Much of my week days are taken up by work. The time I am not working can slip away so easily if I am not vigilant about what I am doing! And yet within that time off, I find certain activities are more favored than others.

Here are some of the changes I have made to seek a balance:

  • Getting out of the office for lunch. I volunteer at a local non-profit during two lunches a week. The other times I have to make sure I either get out of the office or get away from my desk. So many of my former co-workers work at the client I am currently at that I never lack for a lunch buddy should I desire one.
  • Designated reading. For a long time I tried to curtail my fiction reading to Sundays. But Sundays would come and I would either do nothing but read, or I would feel resentful because I had other things to do. Now I take the 45 minutes after I get home to read as I choose; but when the timer goes off I have to get back to real life.
  • Time boxing. To help combat the time slipping away, I put together a loose schedule for weeknights and I move through my activities. It has time for reading (above), housework, dinner preparation, being with my daughter, exercising, and writing.
  • Weeknight activities. If my daughter doesn’t have much homework, we will do something fun on a weeknight, like a movie or mini-golf or a visit to the mall.
  • Weekend relaxation. I used to pile activities into the weekend, but now I back off. Most of the house stuff is done during the week, and I can do something productive or not as I choose. Mostly I have been finding myself spending time with my family.

Being balanced is a constant struggle for me. For too long I would see-saw between extremes. Now I am trying a moderate approach of all activities, more often, but less time.

Photo by redeye^


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