Garden Realizations

Photo by Dark DwarfI was out working in my veggie beds the other day and came inside. My daughter brought me up short with a single question:

“Why do you garden?”

She went on to explain that it seemed like a waste of time given my success. And allergies.

You see, I am allergic to grass. So pulling grass out of my garden beds and getting it near my skin makes me itch.

Tomato and bean plants also make me itch.

And the three things I grow in the beds: tomatoes, beans and grass (unintentionally).

So why do I garden?

I don’t know. Perhaps it is from the sheer determination that I won’t be defeated (not much luck there).

Perhaps it is from a standpoint of knowing how to do something (not much luck there either, based on the results).

But I do know that I will try again next year.

You don’t have to be good at a hobby to keep it up.

Photo by Dark Dwarf


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