DC Vacation

Photo by mark.hoganOne of the few advantages to my hubby working in DC (other than the steady healthy paycheck) is that we have a “getaway” place to go to for short vacations.

After his recent hernia surgery, we decided to cancel our planned vacation, and we went up to DC for the week. He went back to work, and E. and I hung out.

As a family we went to the American Indian Museum. E. and I went shopping. We went swimming. We went to a bookstore. We took in a baseball game as a family. And best of all (for me), we relaxed.

I was sad to miss our planned vacation…at first. But I realized that I would never have felt that relaxed had we done it. So I think this is a win-win.

We won’t have the place in DC forever; probably only until January. But while it is there, it is good for us to use as a base to see the sites.

Photo by mark.hogan


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