A Quick Vacation

Photo by petcoffrA few weeks ago I combined the Girl Scout trip to DC with a visit to my husband. It worked out that I was able to drive up with the dog and my daughter the night before the troop was due to arrive in DC. We stayed with him, met up with the troop at the hotel, had our trip and then went back to his place for a few days while the rest of the troop went home.

I like DC, as a place to visit. I have only started visiting the museums since hubby started working up here. And I love the Lincoln Memorial. The new World War Two Memorial is very moving, and does not detract from the reflecting pool nor the mall.

The Washington Memorial is covered in scaffolding as they work to repair the damage from the earthquake, but even the scaffolding is designed to look like the building.

With the troop, we went to the Air and Space museum. I got to talk to the girls about Amelia Earhart, and what she attempted. The girls couldn’t seem to grasp that anyone could just vanish. We saw a show in the planetarium and saw the lunar display. This particular display held significance because my co-leader’s father helped design the lunar landing module. From there we went to the Natural History museum to look at the Hope Diamond and other jewels. That evening we walked the monuments, and Sunday we went to the zoo.

Still, with all the cultural things around, I still could not live there. As my daughter and I drove to a shopping place 10 miles away we were caught in stopped traffic, on a Monday at 11 am. Living with that amount of traffic would be nerve-wracking.

It’s a nice place to visit. I’m glad we have the opportunity to explore with a good home base while hubby is working up here. We will visit some more before his contract is up, and see more of the sites.

Photo by petcoffr


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