Gluten Free…Trying It Again

Photo by rprataIt started last summer. P and I were sitting in the coffee shop at our summer camp…which provides fair trade coffee and fresh baked good 24/7. It was the last day, and people were coming in to settle their tabs.

One of our favorite musicians walked in to settle his tab and thanked the lady in charge of the baking for providing gluten free food. Intrigued, P struck up a conversation, and learned that the musician had stopped gluten after being virtually incapacitated by inflammation, and had a complete cure.

P decided to give it a try, because his muscles had been hurting. I decided to give it a try, because I was curious if it would have an affect on some severe hip pain I was experiencing.

It turns out that it cured P’s muscle aches, and my joint pain disappeared.

So the months went on, and gluten slipped back into my diet. Usually not more than one meal a day, but sometimes.

Mother’s Day I injured my back turning over a garden bed by hand. It’s been a month now, and still the pain is with me, settled in the muscles between my tailbone and hip.

So it is time to go gluten free again and see if it helps.

Photo by rprata


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