The Time Has Come…

IMG_0332We have been camping for three years in our camper. One of the benefits of having the camper is that we could take the cats along. I was able to administer the older cat’s medications, and they truly seemed to enjoy being in the woods and watching the birds through the windows.

We went camping Memorial Day weekend as we have done for the last 7 years. And we took the cats with us.
This time, though, it became apparent that it is not a good fit for the older cat, who turned 18 in April. I ended up having to drive the cats home Saturday morning and engage our cat sitter. The cats seemed very happy to be home.

It’s a sad time. I missed my felines, but I realize that at this stage in his life, camping is just not something he enjoys. And if he is home, the younger cat needs to be home with him.
On the plus side, they were very glad to see me when we did return, and both spent time snuggling. That is always good.


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