The 2013 Garden

I am not a good gardener. My garden is not a producer, it is more of a money pit. But it is a hobby I enjoy. So every year I put one in.

A couple of years ago my hubby put in 4 4-square-foot garden boxes for me. I like square foot gardening because I get to control the soil (no clay amending), and the weeds are easy to reach.

It hasn’t improved my gardening skills, though. But since my neighbors know that I try, they are willing to give me their extra. I call it “pity produce”.

So this year I set the beds up again. I thought I would post pictures before I kill everything.

Garden 2013

Garden 2013

The full garden


One thought on “The 2013 Garden

  1. We’ll be setting up ours after we finish moving at the end of June. Or maybe I’ll just wait until next year–there’s going to be enough work to do inside the house 🙂

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