The Front Porch Planters, Or My Battle Against Nature

Photo by Moyan_BrennOur house faces full west. That means that anything planted in pots on the porch is going to be roasted, and frequent watering is required.

I have had hanging baskets on this porch, which never ends up being a good idea because the birds always decide to nest there, and then I can’t water, and I end up with a basket of dead plants and a brood of baby birds.

A couple of years ago we put some planter boxes on the porch. These were fairly deep, and should have withstood the heat with only daily, instead of multiple times daily, watering. But each year they started out great, and by the end of the summer, everything was reduced to brown and brittle sticks.

I am giving it a last shot.

I purchased two self-watering planters from a place I have purchased self-waterers before. They arrived last week, and this past weekend I set up the planters.

In went the moistened soil, all the pieces and parts of the watering mechanism, and flowers.

So far so good. But then the high has only been in the 60s.

We will have to see what happens when the heat really kicks up.

Photo by Moyan_Brenn


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