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I’m being talked about. And I don’t like it.

One of my “friends” (she would consider herself so, I do not) at church has been telling everyone she meets there I am no longer a member and I no longer attend.

The truth is, I am still a voting member of the congregation. And while I do not attend most Sunday services, I have been there. In fact, that was where I found out that she is gossiping about me.

Here’s the thing: she has never asked me what my status is, when I am going, or if I am going. She just made it up based on her own assumptions.

I was angry when three people told me about this woman and her “news”. When the gossiper greeted me in her overloud and over-the-top manner after I had found out about the gossip, I didn’t mince words. I told her flat out that she needed to stop telling people I wasn’t a member and I wasn’t coming.

It was met with denial, justification and all sorts of stuff that sank my opinion of her even lower than it was before.

I realized a simple truth: I cannot stop her from gossiping about me.

All I can do is confront, and let go. She’s not going to change.

I do hope that if you find yourself talking about someone who isn’t present, that you ask yourself why you are participating in the conversation. If you want to know something, go to the person involved. Don’t be part of spreading information that is false. Gossip takes two people: the gossiper, and the listener.

I hope that I am neither. I certainly try.

Photo by digitalART2


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