Planning The New Year

Photo by williamcho

I know it’s only December, but it’s time for me to start planning. I use a wonderful hippy-dippy planner from an Australian woman to do this because I’m not much for the “life purpose” and “big life goal” kind of thing. But I can plan little stuff.

One of the things I like about the planner is the “100 Things To Do”. It’s hard to come up with 100 things I want to do in the coming year, but I find that I actually *do* most of them once I have them written down. I’ll be finishing up my 2012 list just before the new year, and I’m looking forward to crossing three items off the list.

I also recently received, through the other blog, a huge year planner for my wall. I am also looking forward to putting that up and writing out my deadlines and goals in a way that I will see them and aim for them.

For me, writing things down makes them concrete in a way that nothing else does. But in order for me to make it work, I have to see it, be reminded of it, and think about it regularly.

I’m going to make 2013 my best year yet! Let’s see what I accomplish.

Photo by williamcho


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