I Am A Volunteer

Photo by arcx1972

Begin Rant:

I am a volunteer. I spend many hours every week so that your daughter will have a good Girl Scout experience.

I plan, I research, I make reservations. I fill out paperwork. I arrange rides. I pack the first aid kit and haul around permission slips and health histories. I keep track of when your daughters come to meetings and what badges they have earned. I track every penny we spend and report on it. I give up my lunch hours to run to the council store to buy awards. I sit through tedious meetings so that I know what is going on in the service unit. I give up my weekends to take your daughters camping. I have spent weekends and evenings getting training in first aid, camping skills, outdoor cooking and more.

I do this, and I work too. I manage my household, just like you.

Don’t have your daughter show up halfway through the meeting and expect me to get her caught up.

Don’t expect me to replace badges and insignia your daughter has lost. (And don’t accuse me of never giving them out)

Don’t leave me standing in a darkened parking lot for an hour waiting for you to pick your daughter up after a late night event.

Don’t blow off my emails and then expect there will be room for your daughter to go on a trip.

Don’t send your daughter on a trip into the woods in inappropriate clothes and expect me to fix it.

Don’t expect me to use troop funds to pay for your daughter’s attendance at something, just to have you both blow it off without a word.

Don’t drop your daughter off unsupervised without a leader in sight.

Don’t expect that your daughter will be able to attend events if you don’t fill out the permission slip that I handed you, emailed you and faxed you.

Don’t call my work phone to ask if there is an email you need to read.

Don’t expect me to not confiscate electronics if they are disruptive.

Don’t expect your daughter to get awards and badges if she hasn’t done the work.

Don’t get mad at me if I ask you to come get your daughter because she is sick or uncooperative or disruptive.

Don’t leave things off your daughter’s health history form and expect me to read your mind that you suspect she has a wheat allergy.

This Scout thing involves three groups of people: the leaders, the scouts, and the parents. We need your support. We need your consideration. And we need you to remember we are volunteers.

End Rant

Photo by arcx1972


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