What Is The Point of Social Media, Really?

Photo by birgerking

I come back to this point every couple of months.

I use Facebook. More out of a sense of missing something, because some friends and relatives rely solely on Facebook to broadcast the important events of their lives. Without it I would never have known that a cousin-in-law was battling diabetes. Or that another cousin’s son was graduating high school.

I use Facebook for my blog. Not because I like interacting with people there, but because it gives people another place to read my message. My articles go out to Facebook automatically with each publication, otherwise I wouldn’t bother.

I use Twitter for my blog. Again, it is because I can reach many people there and drive the traffic toward my blog. I provide updates on my articles, as well as quotes and random instructions on how to be more productive. Like with Facebook, this is automated. My articles go out automatically with each publication, and the other tweets are preloaded via text file.

I do read Twitter. There are people that I enjoy reading tweets from, I will admit that. There are less than 30 that I actually follow, and I follow these people because the consistently provide me with high-quality information and humorous insights.

But beyond that, WHY?

Why are people spending so much time on Facebook playing obscure games that do nothing other than suck up their time and pollute my inbox? Why do people photograph every meal they eat and post it? Why do people share life-altering news with the hopes that other people will actually catch the announcement?

Why do people randomly tweet about parking garages or underwear or some topic of the moment that really isn’t of any interest to the general population?

I must be missing something here, because I honestly do not understand the allure of social media.

Input, anyone?

Photo by birgerking


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