A New Meaning to “Ankle Biter”

Photo by Gerald Yuvallos

I’ve heard small children and dogs referred to as “ankle biters”, probably from their lack of height. I never really gave it much thought until my ankles really did get bitten.

We were out in the woods for Memorial Day, and the bugs weren’t too bad…until I put on the bug repellant. I swear every bug came out to feast on me at that point.

I have a perfect circle of bug bites around where the tops of my socks were.

Giving a new meaning to the term “ankle biter.”

It was a good camping weekend. We had a lot of friends go out with us, and enjoyed some traditional activities. One couple hosts breakfast (pancakes and bacon) for the entire group every morning. We also did our regular potluck on Saturday evening, and a “clean out the cooler” potluck on Sunday evening. The kids had fun in the woods, and the adults had fun chatting and napping. It was a good weekend.

Photo by Gerald Yuvallos


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