Why I Tell People I Am A Musician

Photo by stevendepolo

I always dread the moment when, after I am introduced to someone, the inevitable question follows. “So what do you do?”

I hold a degree in engineering, but I don’t practice in that field. So I’ve never felt comfortable with that, since people ask why I got the degree if I knew I wouldn’t use it.

I spend a lot of my free time writing, but people either don’t understand what a blog is, or dismiss the idea as one of those artistic hippy-dippy things. Or they ask what I have published.

My workdays are spent doing web development. Many people don’t understand that web sites are software and that people write them. Real people, not mysterious cave-dwellers with exceedingly high intellects and equally poor social skills. So they latch on to the fact that I work with computers. And the inevitable questions come about what I recommend for various software or hardware problems they may be having.

No, I will not solve your computer problems.

So I tell people I am a musician. It saves me answering any embarrassing questions, explaining the revolution of information delivery, or providing free technical support. Throw in that I am a classical musician, and it generally allows the conversation about what I do to come to an end.

So what do you do for a living?

Photo by stevendepolo


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