The First Camping Trip Of The Season

Photo by flewtistWe decided to take advantage of the mild weather and head out for camping during spring break.

Last year we attempted this too, and ended up being caught in a system of tornadoes that whipped across the Outer Banks, so we decided not to go back there. (Actually it is doubtful that we will ever go back to camp at the Outer Banks. Every camping trip we have had there has not been comfortable. One would think we would have figured that out before our tenth outing, but there it is.)

Our favorite camping spot at the moment is a large freshwater lake about 2.5 hours west of where we live. It’s a man-made lake, created by a large Army Corps dam that generates electricity for the surrounding area. There are many camping places nearby, but we favor the Army Corps campground because of its nearness to the sandy bits of the lake – better for swimming and shore fishing.

The weather forecast was showing a rather cold couple of nights, followed, as only in Virginia, by some very warm days. So we packed up layers, the animals, and headed out.

It has been truly lovely. The weather has been nice, and thanks to P’s suggestion that we use an electric space heater instead of the gas-powered rocket launcher they call a heater, it has been comfortable, pleasant and a good way to start the season.

(And yes, I am writing this while we are camping, on my newest writing productivity device, an iPad).

Photo by flewtist


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