Rocky the Cat

It was a couple of week ago that I decided to go home at lunch. Out of the ordinary for me, I decided spur-of-the-moment to have lunch at home, let the dog out, and relax. I let the dog out, but the dog wouldn’t go back in, leading me instead to the deck at the back of the house.

It was there I found the younger cat, curled up on a pile of dead leaves, huddled behind a plant next to the house.

You have to understand that our cats are indoor beasties and the younger one is de-clawed due to her personality. So these cats are never outside without one of the humans nearby.

The cat hissed and growled as I picked her up, and her face was scratched. The hissing and growling are pretty normal, except they usually start a few minutes after picking up. So I thought she was just angry. But then I looked. Her face was swollen – to the point where I checked the forepaw to find the small patch of white to make sure it was actually my cat. She could barely walk, and there were matted patches all over her. It was later I found the blood where she had been laying.

The vet said it could have been a car or another animal. Fluids, antibiotic and anti-inflammatories were administered. Pain meds were dispensed. (Can I just say here that those five days of her being stoned on pain meds were the nicest we have had with this normally grumpy cat?)

The next day she let me examine her. There were five areas with punctures, not including the scrapes on various areas. She let me clean them (another testament to the pain meds).

This particular cat is not celebrated for her sweet temper or gentleness. We’ve taken to calling her Rocky and we wonder what the other animal looked like after the fight. Knowing the cat, I suspect she won.


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