The Raccoon and the Crab Apples

Photo by *~Dawn~*

We have a really nice crabapple tree in our front yard. It’s young, healthy, and puts out a ton of fruit.

I don’t pick the fruit, in spite of every year saying that this is the year I will make crabapple jelly. So the fruit sits on the tree, visible after the leaves have fallen.

I assumed that the birds were eating it. I was wrong.

A few nights ago our not-so-bright-beagle went out, then started barking up the tree. Since she has a tendency to bark at shadows, we brought her back in. She wanted to go out again soon after, and since we don’t argue with a dog who rarely gives us more hint she needs to "go" than to look at us, we took her out again. This time she started barking up the tree right away.

A flashlight revealed a young raccoon, sitting midway up the tree. As we watched, he climbed to the top of the tree.

I watched him through the front windows for a while. He was really enjoying the crabapples. But every time someone went out, he would climb to the top of the tree again.

Last night I caught a glimpse of him running across the driveway. And sure enough, all the crabapples are gone.

Photo by *~Dawn~*


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