Coffee, Simplified

Photo by antwerpenR

It’s not news to most people that I thrive on coffee. So when my expensive feature-rich coffee maker broke a few weeks ago, I was ticked.

And sleepy.

It wasn’t that the machine wouldn’t brew. It was that it wouldn’t recognize there was water in the chamber, and refused to start brewing. A sensor had busted. Of course, this happened a few weeks after warranty expiration.

The reason I bought the coffee maker was because I figured that price meant quality. Quality performance, quality manufacture, quality coffee. Apparently not, at least on the first two.

I did use some of the features: the auto on was really nice. Except when the power went out and I had to program the dang thing from scratch every time. The reminder to descale was really nice. Except when I didn’t have time to descale and I just wanted a cup of coffee on my way out the door and it wouldn’t brew because it needed to be descaled. The auto-off was nice. Except when the power went out and the default went back to 1 hour, leaving me to come downstairs to warmish coffee.

So after doing some cost-analysis, I went to my local Big Lots and picked up a Mr. Coffee. It has a water reservoir, a place for the filter and grounds and an on/off switch. No programming. No electronics.

So how do I get the features I loved from the Krups from the cheaper machine without the bother? Easy. I bought an appliance timer that turns the coffee pot on, and turns it off. And then I put a repeating reminder in my calendar to descale the machine.

Amazing how much simpler things got.

Oh, and I can’t tell the difference in the taste of the coffees, either.

Photo by antwerpenR


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