The Worst and Best Movies I’ve Ever Watched

Photo by alexyorke

The Worst

  1. The Madness of King George. It was bad enough until they started looking at his feces.
  2. Pollock. Let’s watch someone self-destruct.
  3. The Sword in the Stone. I cannot believe this travesty of the King Arthur story. Its ineptness rivals that of Disney’s version of the Three Musketeers.
  4. Luther. I was into the story until they divvied up the nuns…
  5. Color of Pomegranates. Imagine three hours of little dialog and set scenes with only eyes moving. Throw in some disemboweled sheep, and you’ve got the movie!

The Best

  1. Pride And Prejudice (The A&E Miniseries) The best adaption I have ever seen of my most favorite book.
  2. An Affair To Remember. A fairy tale about love. Of course it never really happens that way, but I can dream.
  3. The Italian Job. An amazing plot, great action.
  4. Down Periscope. Who can resist this tale of the modern Navy with the crew of misfits? Best part: walking the plank.
  5. Madagascar. Loved the jokes, the plot and the penguins.

Photo by alexyorke


One thought on “The Worst and Best Movies I’ve Ever Watched

  1. It’s been a while since I watched …King George or Luther, but I remember enjoying them at the time. I do agree with Madagascar, though. We’ve watched it several times and it never gets old.

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