The B Word

Photo by GoRun26

My yearly eye appointment happened a few days ago. I like my doctor. He’s up front, with it technically (online appointments and computerized everything), and is very friendly. He’s been tracking my eyes for a few years now, and works with me when things go wonky.

This year I was telling him that I’m having trouble seeing some things. And that’s when he uttered the “b” word.

Yep, bi-focals.

It didn’t help that he called them “baby bi-focals”. Or that he told me it would be easier to get used to them now rather than later when the difference was greater.

So I’ll be wearing reading glasses to see the tiny numbers in my Sudoku game. And my regular glasses will go with the dual-prescription (no line all the way!)

“After all,” he said, “isn’t it better than the alternative?”

I guess.

Photo by GoRun26


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