Photo by Horia Varlan

None of us like to have labels applied to us, particularly if they are negative. To me, labels are just another way of putting people in boxes. While it may help the human brain to categorize things to make sense of them, applying labels pigeon hole people into categories.

Unfortunately for most of us, once a brain has categorized something, the brain is unlikely to accept changes. That means once someone has made up their mind about you, it stays made up.

I don’t like being stuck in a box. Especially since most people’s perceptions of me are not correct. Like the blind men and the elephant, no one has the whole picture. I imagine it is like that for most of us.

But what happens when we accept others categorizations as the truth? Don’t we then become shut off from other equally valid perceptions of ourselves?

It’s something to think about.

Photo by Horia Varlan


One thought on “Labels

  1. That is one thing that always intrigued me about you. You were never one that could be truly ‘labeled’. You were both a rebel, and a rule follower (to a point); a ‘wild child’, and a homebody; a goof off, and a brain; you get the point. But, I do have to say that there is one label that at least I could use for you, and that is “a good friend”.

    BTW, love the Project365 photos.

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