Ice Skating

Photo by timsamoff

We took the Brownies ice skating right before Christmas. The local mall establishes an outdoor rink and keeps it up with a Zamboni. This is a far cry from where I grew up, where the Parks Department flooded fields in the city park and you took it as it came, bumps and all.

The girls asked some pretty interesting questions:

  • “Why are we skating in the dark?” (Because the sun went down)
  • “Will there be lights?” (Yes)
  • “Why are we skating outdoors?” (Because that’s where the rink is)
  • “Will the ice be frozen?” (Yes, otherwise how would you skate?)
  • “Is it cold out there?” (Yes, outside temperature is 35.)

Two of our girls had never skated before. One took off with very little help, moving rapidly from clinging to the walls to moving quickly unassisted around the rink. I was proud of her for tackling something she had never done with such enthusiasm. She had a bit of a meltdown when her wet gloves caused her hands to get really cold, but we solved that with some chafing, distracting talk, and a cup of cocoa.

One of the girls refused to set foot on the ice, sitting instead with her mother watching, then getting very cold. I do wish she had given it a try, but I will be the first to admit that skating is not for everyone.

I was very proud of my own daughter. I had her on the ice when she was very young, but it has been years. She was very shaky, and clung tightly to adults, but after a few rounds of the ice, one of the other Brownies offered to take my place, and the next thing I know, my daughter is doing very well. She was very afraid of falling, but one wipeout solved that.

I miss ice skating. It is one of the few winter activities I did with regularity when I lived on the frozen tundra. There is an ice rink not far from where I work. I believe I will look into doing some cie skating during my lunch hours.

Photo by timsamoff


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