The Cats At Work

Photo by gnuckx

We have cats at work.

Not indoors. But outside we have a little colony of feral cats. I can see them from my window sometimes, walking across the parking lot to get to the cover of the woods at the edge of the pavement.

One of my co-workers feeds the cats. And sometimes, if I am very quiet as I walk up, I can watch them eat. I give him an update when I see one outside.

There are three kittens right now, and they frolick around in the grass, always with a watchful eye to the people nearby.

We have developed code names for them: Bob (a cat with a short tail), BW (the tuxedo), Gray (a beautiful dark gray), Little Bob (a kitten with the markings and tail of his father) and Tab (a mackeral tabby). It’s not so much to name them, but to make conversing about them easier.

I went out at lunch one day and snuck up, seeing a new cat. Except it wasn’t a cat. A short-sighted possum was eating the food, and I got a good look before he crept off into the bushes.

I like my window, and having the reminders of the world outside my cubicle. And it’s a nice feeling to see the kitties out there.

Photo by gnuckx


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