A Parent’s Job Is To…

Photo by foxypar4On my “pro” blog a week or so ago, I published an article about how I used electronic devices to keep my daughter on track. I talked about using a kitchen timer to count down piano practice time, a cell phone timer to monitor reading, and of course, Bob.

I received a flame as one of the responses. While I am pretty much not bothered by nastygrams, this one really made me shake my head.

The comment stated, “It’s not your job as a parent to decide the life your daughter will lead. Your job as a parent is to respect the direction she wants to go in and offer your support.”


For an 8 year old?

I can’t disagree more vehemently.

My job as a parent is to help my daughter develop skills that she will need later in life, such as self-motivation and self-discipline. It’s to set limits so that she can learn interpersonal skills and explore her world.

My job is not to allow her to do whatever she wants and “support” it.

Can you imagine? That sort of parenting turns out self-centered world-revolves-around-me spoiled brats.

I’ve seen the result of the “anything goes” type of parenting. Those children are the ones that NO ONE wants to be around. They’re the ones that grow up demanding things, or thinking the world/country/society owes them a living/opportunity/happiness.


Photo by foxypar4


One thought on “A Parent’s Job Is To…

  1. I completely agree with you. BTW, I started to write a good comment here, but ended up pulling it out and writing an entire blog of my own instead. Check it out if you wish.

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