School Fundraisers

Photo by Hello Turkey ToeMy daughter’s school has a great approach to fundraisers: stroke a bigger check to the PTA for a “gold” membership at the beginning of the year, and never be bothered with school fundraisers.

Girl Scout cookies are enough to sell during the year. I don’t need my daughter bugging people to buy wrapping paper, candy, pizza or cookie dough. And I’m a mean mom: I won’t take the stuff to work to sell it.

So I wrote that check the first day of school…the bliss of being free from fundraisers is amazing.

Photo by Hello Turkey Toe


2 thoughts on “School Fundraisers

  1. I totally get Girl Scout or club based fund raising. But I’ve been put off (even when in school) about raising money by selling. Something about public school, taxes that are taken from MY paycheck to for public school and then sending the kids out to hawk some stuff just seems wrong to me.

    • Our PTA uses funds to bring in speakers and cultural activities — things outside the normal school budget. They also replaced the gym on our school, but that is another story altogether…apparently it is better to build a multi-million dollar school for drug users, law breakers and pregnant girls than it is to build a school for the gifted kids.

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