Fall Approacheth

Photo by Aunt OwweeIt is nearly the end of August. I love the end of summer for many reasons. It’s always exciting to do back-to-school, even if I am no longer in school. But there are some things coming I’m really looking forward to:

Cooler Temperatures

I don’t like the summer heat and humidity. Granted, it is one of the prices I pay for not having extreme winters, but I still count the days until the 100+ degree 100% humidity passes. In the fall the mornings and evenings are cool, while mid-day is still comfortable.


I love the changing of leaves. In Virginia, we get to see it twice: the fall progression of color is mirrored in reverse in the spring. We don’t get the vibrant reds of the north here, but lots of yellows and oranges.

I guess this is the point where I will also throw in that I love to rake. Raking is a very Zen activity for me, and I look forward to making piles in the backyard.

Warmer Clothes

The heat in Virginia makes work clothing difficult. If you dress so you’re not sweating on the commute, you will inevitably freeze in the air-conditioned office. Fall means more comfort and less contrast between outside temperature and in.


Every fall I get out there and take down the annual plants. Cleaning out the garden beds gives a good sense of closure to a usually pitiful gardening season.

But even better, this is when the corn stalks and the pumpkins show up.

So bring on the autumn! I’m ready!

Photo by Aunt Owwee


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