Weird Things In VA: The Oil Spill and the Seal

There are some bizarre things going on here in the Commonwealth. We got a new governor in January. Well, actually, we always get a new governor, because no one is allowed to hold consecutive terms as governor here — since Colonial times.

But I digress.

Our governor, like all governors should, is trying to do his best for the state. This has involved lobbying the Federal government for offshore oil drilling (never mind that the people of the state don’t want this…but I digress again). So when the accident in the Gulf happened did he back down? No! He kept right on saying offshore drilling was something Virginia needed.

As a friend of mine said, “If they want oil that badly, they should go down to the Gulf and collect it as it rolls in.”

We also got a new Attorney General (who I will refer to as AG because attorney is hard to spell). I don’t know where this guy came from, but instead of tackling big issues, he has spent time censoring the Seal of the Commonwealth.

Now bear in mind that this Seal was designed back in 1776. It shows the Roman Virtus (Virtue), dressed as an Amazon, holding a spear and with her foot on the neck of her defeated foe. The motto reads “Sic Semper Tyrannis” (Thus Always Tyrants). Did you catch the part of “dressed as an Amazon?” OK, just checking.

Our AG decided that it wasn’t proper for Virtus to have a bared breast. (Refer to the Amazon thing). So he had it redrawn so her chest is fully covered.

Did I mention we’ve had this seal since 1776? Yes, I thought so.

Apparently, it is more important to tackle the nudity on a classical figure than to do things like, well, fight crime. Go figure.


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