5 things I hadn’t planned on admitting

Photo by Michael | RuizSomeone recently challenged me to blog about things I had never planned on admitting. So here are five things that most people don’t know about me:

I love walking in autumn. Besides the smell of the falling leaves and decaying plant life, I love autumn for one reason: I love to shuffle through the drifts of leaves that cover the street.

I love beets. Beets are a favorite veggie of mine. I like the texture and the flavor, and the way they turn everything purple.

I broke out in hives in Hawaii. My dream vacation in Hawaii was marred by a severe case of hives all over my hands and feet, with some on my legs and arms. I even had hives on the tips of my toes! I don’t know why it happened, but they subsided when I got home.

“I don’t like coconuts anymore.” (The quote is from a song) When in Hawaii, I tried the stuff in the center of the coconut. I don’t know what I expected, but it wasn’t what I got. The “water” in the center of a coconut is kind of slimy and tastes vaguely of coconut. Ick.

I can’t keep plants alive. This is embarrassing, given my grandfather was a farmer. But any plant I put in the ground has mishaps. It could be disease, bugs, birds, critters, drought or drowning. But any plant entrusted to my care will inevitably suffer. I’ve already killed two herbs this year alone, and I just started planting last week.

Photo by Michael | Ruiz


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