Exercise that is fun = exercise?

I’ve never been one to exercise for the sake of exercising. Classes seem pointless, and I can’t do five feet on a treadmill unless I am doing something else. But with the Wii Fit Plus, exercise has become fun.

I usually start my day with a round of synchronized boxing. We might spend an evening bowling or playing with the marching band, or dodging rolling logs. And then there’s the biking application, where I lose track of the fact that I am actually walking in place…sometimes for long stretches.

So is it really “exercise” if you don’t even realize you’re doing it?


One thought on “Exercise that is fun = exercise?

  1. Didn’t think you would ever want anything to do with “marching”… Getting a Wii Fit is our next goal, now that we got a hold of a console. We don’t do well with treadmills either.

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