Dinosaur Status

Photo by kekremsiI’m officially a dinosaur.

All the years I listened to older students complaining when taught the cutting edge technology came back to me…I was given a problem. And then told to use a new technology.

“But I can do it much faster using the old…”

“It will be more straight-forward with the old…”

Ah, well. I learned the new technology. But I’m officially a dinosaur.

Photo by kekremsi


3 thoughts on “Dinosaur Status

  1. Know what you mean, I’m working with drawings from the 80’s thinking, “these are still hand-drawn plans, If they were CAD files I’d have been done days ago…” Then, I over heard on of the designers that had been around for quite some time, and he was complaining how hard it was to configure his preferences for CAD on a new computer, he had been using the same set-up for so long he forgot how to set-up all his tool-bars. All I could do to keep from laughing. BTW, your not a dinosaur, at least I hope not, I’m older than you…

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