Restarting Beulah

Photo by phooshBeulah makes my bread. No, she’s not a kindly old lady who delivers bread to my door. She’s my sourdough starter.

We like sourdough bread quite a bit. And rather than pay the robbery price at our local store, I decided to make it at home. It’s not hard, and many very good recipes can be found on the web.

Sourdough requires a starter. This thick liquid is filled with live yeast, so it is a living thing (hence the name). The sourdough starter is not hard to make, particularly if you have an oven with a light. But there are some tricks that the web instructions didn’t cover.

I killed the first Beulah after a few months by letting the yeast’s by-product build up too far. The second Beulah was invaded by ants, which thankfully I discovered before using it. So a few weeks ago, Beulah #3 was started. She’s developing well, and we have some great bread and flapjacks ahead of us!

Photo by phoosh


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