Photo by motleypixelAt this time of the year in Virginia the spiders come out. And these are not the cute “eensy-weensy-spiders”. These are the spiders that are bigger than most coins with long hairy legs, big rubbery lips and six inch pincers.

OK, maybe not the lips and pincers. But these things are HUGE.

They spin webs that span the entire width of the driveway and deck, so if you venture out after dark, you WILL get caught in a sticky mess, usually across the face and hair. And then you have to wonder where the huge spider is. Is it in your hair? Crawling up your back? Waiting to wrap you up in a giant cocoon?

We also have two types of poisonous spiders here, the black widow and the brown recluse. Both of these are very dangerous spiders, but neither is particularly large.

Unfortunately, it is very difficult to remember this fact when you’ve just been hit by a sticky web and there is a spider the size of a chihuahua in the vicinity.

Photo by motleypixel


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