Photo by FurryscalyI am fairly comfortable in the outdoors. Few things outright terrify me (bears) and few give me the heebie-jeebies (snakes). But I pretty much approach nature with a “live and let live” approach. Big wolf spiders don’t phase me, and I don’t trap or poison animals that get in my garden. Even when they eat everything and destroy the plants completely.

Even after being stung by a wasp in late summer, I figured the fault was mine for getting too close to a flower bed. Live and let live.

But things changed suddenly, and it wasn’t pretty.

I was pulling the cushions off the patio furniture in anticipation of rain. I wasn’t paying attention, but later I realized I was walking over the same spot where I had been stung before.

And another one of the little beggars got me.

I had a typical reaction: screamed, jumped up and did a high-kick while flinging cushions everywhere. Then I limped as fast as I could toward the kitchen, where I coated my ankle in baking soda and water.

Now comes the not-so-pretty part.

I screamed for my partner…not because I was hurt…

No, because I was blazingly angry.

I sent him on a “go forth and slay the beasts” mission for me. And I didn’t want the wasps to just move out. I wanted those insects DEAD.

As of this writing, we’re still not sure how big or exactly where the nest is, just that it is under the deck. Spraying wasp spray on the decking and through the lattice causes numbers of the biters to wobble out and die. And it is very satisfying.

Photo by Furryscaly


One thought on “Wasps

  1. Learned along time ago, that sometimes a pre-emptive strike is necessary for the protection of ones self and others. Had a large wasp nest in the eaves of our garage when we lived in Hobart. Buzzed Kassi a few times, so I sprayed the nest down (it was basketball sized), waited a few days then took the garden hose and a broom to it. 2 weeks later they tried to rebuild, but I repeated the procedure, and viola, they gave up. Worked for the gophers living under my garage slab too. But remember, I was merciful to the bird on my patio BBQ cabinet.

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