On Keeping Your Word

I’ve been listening to a podcast where they were debating the value of keeping your word. The question was presented in a light of putting intentions behind words, and how that can affect outcomes. One side argued that you should never give your word unless you are sure you can keep it; the other side said you can give your word, but that “life happens” and sometimes you can’t keep it, and this is fine.

My personal feeling is that if I gave my word, I am bound to keep it. I have put an intention out there and I must hold up my end of things. Yes, life happens. But that is not an excuse for me to regularly not follow through on promises.

When I agree to do something, I have set an expectation with another person. To let them down erodes both their faith in me and my own integrity. Done enough times, and I will lose all credibility and appear dishonest.

So keeping your word, to me, is essential. If you aren’t sure if you can make something happen, be honest about it. If you say you will do something do it. And I’ll be there too.


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