Pay Your Own Taxes!

There is a commercial I saw a couple of nights ago that really ticked me off. It starts with the announcer’s voice asking if you owe the IRS money. Then it goes to a series of scenes with people saying how much they owed and how much they ended up paying.

Here’s the part that gets me: each of these people owed large amounts of money. One scene showed a man and woman saying they owed a few million. Yet they ended up paying less than a million.

I pay my taxes in full. Why should these large scale offenders be let off? If they can’t manage their business to the point where they pay a known bill in full, they should not be in business. Like any other creditor, the IRS should be able to force them into bankruptcy for monies owed.

Apparently it’s the hard-working people of this country who get to finance the mismanagement of businesses who then get to brag about it to us.



4 thoughts on “Pay Your Own Taxes!

  1. You know, I will stick up for the edge cases of honest people who just do stupid things. Because we’ve all done stupid.

    Unlike a collection agency, the IRS has **incredible** powers to collect the monies owed. Also, penalties are very, very stiff (to discourage stupidity).

    The IRS is like a Terminator – you cannot negotiated. Then you have these additional Predators who come along, who try to sell you an “Offer in Comprise” package with the IRS. You pay them 3 grand to find out that you do not qualify for an OIC because you are not in a pauper status.

    As you say, this can all be avoided if you simply pay your taxes, file your quarterlies, etc, etc, etc. And, if you do find yourself on the wrong end, contact, communicate and make a plan. Once you owe the IRS, everything else goes on hold and they are paid first (after food, lights, shelter and transportation).

    • This gives me heart. The commercial is quite disgusting. And I’ve heard so many times people (celebrities) being let off…then along comes the commercial. The predator thing is quite disgusting. It is terrible to prey on those who are in that situation. Come to think of it, it’s terrible to prey on young folks by making them purchase things on credit, and on those who must try to live paycheck to paycheck but get charged 900%+ interest by the cash-quick places.

  2. The only people I might have sympathy for, would be those who cannot file their own taxes, either because they don’t understand the forms, or it’s too complicated (small businesses), and they fall prey to an incompetent, or crooked accountant. But, if they owe taxes because they didn’t file, or ‘forgot’ to make their quarterly payments (businesses). then its shame on them, and they should pay full penalties. No mercy for those who try to cheat the system and therefore cheat the rest of us, because they CHOSE not to pay their fair share.

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