Glass water balls

There is a new product on the market pitched at helping people remember to water their plants. Made out of colored glass, you fill the bulb with water and turn it upside down and push it into the soil of the houseplant. The bulb slowly lets water drip into the plant.

My boss gave me his to try when we last moved cubes. He had taken all his plants home because of lighting issues, and knew I had two plants on my desk. I had wanted to try the watering balls because they were pretty and seemed like a good idea.

It lasted all of two weeks. The balls, heavy when filled with water, tipped the plants over. After several dirt cleanups, I propped the ball up against the cubicle wall. My neighbor pushed his chair in too hard, and I had a dirt and water cleanup to do.

I also noticed a non-consistent amount of water going to the plants. If I got the tube in an already created hole, the water would flood the plant. If I put it in a new hold, dirt would float up into the reservoir.

I returned the device to my boss, thanking him, and went back to the simple method: dumping water into my plants once a week via cup. And to make sure I don’t forget, I put a reminder in my calendar.

Sometimes the simple methods work best. Gadgets are fine, but they don’t necessarily make life easier.


2 thoughts on “Glass water balls

  1. Thought of you today, we were in Shopko and I saw an end-cap that had a bunch of the Glass Water Balls on sale… having just seen your blog yesterday, I couldn’t help but think of you. Sometimes the easy way isn’t always the best way. Later.

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