Black cat superstition

Photo by fazenI’ve known about the black cat superstition for years. I didn’t realize how wide-spread it was, though. A co-worker of mine, who is from India, told me that she wouldn’t cross a road if she saw a black cat anywhere near it. Apparently she had a bad fall after seeing one cross the road in front of her.

I was left with a picture of my friend, an intelligent and educated woman, standing on the side of the road waiting for someone else to cross before her so that the bad luck doesn’t fall on her.

We have a black cat. She’s very much like a normal cat, although a bit more irritable than most. And she’s very much a one person cat.

(Yes, we did have people ask if the cat walked under the ladder before my husband had his accident in Jan. 2007. No, she didn’t.)

The funny thing is that there are no more true black cats anymore. Killed off in earlier times (which coincidentally brought on the plague), cats that are predominantly black have a few hairs of white somewhere. Mine has a little white patch on the inside of her left front paw. Not that you’ll see it, as she is very particular about who touches her legs.

It’s sad that black cats are so maligned still. They’re just cats like any others.

Photo by fazen


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