Always make sure your tent is waterproof…

We went camping over the Memorial Day weekend. It’s an annual camping trip we make with folks from our church, and we have a good time.

The weather has always been good, but neither my partner or I object to rain – we both like the sound of rain on a tent.

So when it started to rain on Sunday afternoon, we pulled everything under cover and went into the tent to relax.

And it was very relaxing, until a big drip of water landed on my book. A few minutes later our daughter got dripped on. Then my partner. Then it started dripping faster.

Looking up, we realized that the fly on top of our tent was not waterproof and was letting water through onto the screen at the top of the tent.

We struck camp in a downpour, after a realization that we and everything we had with us would be completely soaked within an hour. So we headed home and put the tent up in the garage to dry.

It had never rained on us in the tent before, and who thinks to check to see if a tent is waterproof?

I guess we will, next time. In the meantime, we’re going to waterproof the fly ourselves.


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