A Lesson Learned: Always Count First

If it’s invasive and viney, it grows in the woods behind our backyard. And sometimes it wanders into our yard as well. Honeysuckle, English ivy, vinca, and a cute little specimen called Virginia Creeper. Virginia Creeper looks just like poison ivy, except it has five leaves instead of three.

I was doing some weeding the other day when I spotted a plant I assumed was Virginia Creeper. So I pulled it out.

And then I counted the leaves and realized there were only three.

And you know what? Poison ivy really itches!


One thought on “A Lesson Learned: Always Count First

  1. At least you didn’t confuse a coral snake and a milk snake. Although, I know that if you caught sight of either, you wouldn’t care what species it was. You would be as far from it as possible, as quickly as possible.

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