Random Musings

We picked up a box of salt water taffy during our recent mini-vacation at the ocean front. This was the box of good stuff, made by a local candy maker, creamy and wonderfully flavored. I normally don’t buy it because it isn’t readily available in our part of town — it’s sold down at the tourist areas. Sometimes playing the tourist really is enjoyable.

We live very near three radio towers. The FM tower comes across our electronics with speakers, but one of the AM stations comes across the phone lines. We’ve gotten used to it, I guess. But last week, while I was working from home, my boss asked about the music he was hearing, and whether or not I was a home. Apparently the mariachi music made him think I was working from a Mexican restaurant.

I’ve found a new type of logic puzzle I love. Kenken, created by a Japanese teacher as a way to teach arithmetic, gives you a square. You have to fill in the boxes, having a number only once in each row and column, and in each grouping meeting the arithmetic requirements.

It takes a different set of mental muscles than Sudoku, and it’s a lot of fun.

Last week brought the return of our tenants. We have a pair of very determined mourning doves who like to try to build their nest on top of one of the porch lights. The fact that the nest is always taken down doesn’t seem to deter them. Last year it took a bunch of strips of aluminum foil taped to the top of the light to persuade them to move. Hopefully we won’t have to resort to such measures again.


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