Superballs and Lava lamps

I was watching my glittery USB lava lamp the other day, and it reminded me of superballs. The really bouncy kind, with sparkles inside.

My friends and I used to spend hours bouncing them in the driveways, and we tried to out-do each other with the height of our bounces. Of course, there was the ever-present threat of a bounce going askew and landing the ball in the gutter. At which point we would hope it would roll to the downspout.

A super-sized superball craze hit my playmates and I, and we all saved our money to buy the extra-large superball. This one glistened like it had gold inside, and it could bounce much higher than its smaller cousins. I still remember the day when I finally got my super superball, and we spent an afternoon bouncing.

It’s amazing to me what can trigger memories of my past. Who would have thought a lava lamp would bring back memories of such a great time, a time that I had completely lost?


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