The Office

I am really enjoying the Office. I had never seen it before January, but as a way to keep my husband amused during his recovery I rented the first season. Then I discovered that Netflix streams it, so I have been slowly working my way through the past episodes as I walk on the treadmill.

It’s painful at times. I see Michael Scott blunder, and I know it’s coming, but I feel obligated to watch, just because it is so incredibly painful to observe. And it’s almost as if this could happen in real life. I feel embarrassed for the characters.

Granted, I know of no one who consistently puts his foot in his mouth as much as Michael Scott, but honestly, I’ve seen people have Scott-esque moments…social gaffes and meltdowns that I cannot believe are happening.

So I’m working my way through the seasons, laughing and grimacing, and at times walking away because of the acute discomfort.


One thought on “The Office

  1. LJ – you have to get the Netflix Player from Roku. It is the best $100.00 I spent this year and it places Netflix Watch Now right on your TV.

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