Personal Responsibility

I swear, if one more person says to me, “I can’t [insert something here] because of [my childhood, my parents, my bad luck, my weight, my hair color]” I am going to start screaming.

It seems to me that the sense of personal responsibility in this country is going down. Too many people feel entitled to things, and bitter when they don’t get them. Whether it is for education, jobs, money, I find more people expecting handouts than I have ever seen before.

The truth is, we are responsible for who we are today and what we are doing today. Sure, every one of us has things in our past that are difficult and ugly. But they are not happening today. We can choose. We can work to change our circumstance. Excuses won’t get one anywhere other than stuck on a self-induced pity jag.

‘Nuf said. I’m through ranting now. I return you to your originally scheduled programming.


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