I Am A USB Geek

Photo by luis perezI am a geek, through and through. I love my gadgets, and the more geeky, the better. But they also have to be practical. OK, well, at least fun.

It started when I was looking for a USB-powered light that I could use on my laptop. Sometimes, I have to admit, I have the laptop with me when we are watching family movies (because, after all, how many times can one watch children’s films without going insane?), or sometimes, if the muse strikes me, after bedtime.

Out pops the Google search, in goes “USB Light”. And up comes USBGeek.com.

Man, oh man, a geek’s paradise.

Beside the USB-powered light I was looking for, I saw mice. And not just any mice, but mice that were heated to warm up your hand, or with a fan to keep it cool during ultra-fast mousing sessions.

Then there was the little box which turned out to be a soda can-sized refrigerator for keeping your caffeine cool. And if you prefer the warm variety of caffeine, there was a coffee cup warmer.

And speaking of temperature, who hasn’t experienced the fluctuations of office temperatures? There were fans, both fan-like and those cleverly disguised to look like other things.

When the package came, it not only contained the LED light I had originally been looking at, but also the palm-tree shaped fan.

And yes, I bought the lava lamp as well.

Photo by luis perez


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