The Mother Spider

Outside my kitchen window a little brown spider has taken up residence. She spun a web and has filled three egg sacs so far. But the most interesting part of this was not her activity or even her babies.

About three weeks ago I noticed a piece of leaf had gotten caught in her web. I wondered if she would be able to dislodge it, because it occupied a rather large part of the total web space. But the next morning I found she had moved it, and she was underneath it. The next day, it was moved again, this time over her egg sac.

I have watched the little spider and the placement of that leaf fragment now for a few weeks. It is always positioned to give her and her eggs protection from the sun and rain, while not getting in the way of catching insects.

I don’t know what a naturalist would make of this, but it sure looks to me like I have a spider creating shelter here.


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