Campfires and Wildfires

Photo by lionscavernOver Memorial Day weekend, we went camping with a bunch of our friends. The weather was lovely, cool enough to make me grateful for the dog who insisted on sharing my sleeping bag, and cold enough to make us appreciate a large fire. The group site we shared with three other families sported a large fire pit, and the men decided to use it to its fullest advantage. There is something wonderful about the smell of campfire smoke, burnt marshmallows and overcooked hotdogs.

We’ve been smelling a lot of smoke this year. Two wildfires are burning south of the Virginia border, but North Carolina is being generous and sharing the smoke…all of it…with us. The mornings have been hazy, smoky, and smelling like burnt rotting vegetation.

While I enjoy fire, the wildfires have reminded me of the power of fire to destroy, smolder and choke. We may play with fire in our own ways, but it can be much bigger than we expect.

Photo by lionscavern


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